Trend For Smaller Bathrooms With High-End Features

Great Features for Smaller Bathrooms

With the housing market barely picking itself up from a crippling collapse, sellers and buyers are working together to create a list of the perfect remodels. First on the list are bathrooms. It is not too hard to understand why sellers are focusing on sprucing up the lavatory. With a return on investment of over 70% and a fairly low remodel cost, that small room can have a big impact on a seller’s bottom line. To give the people what they want, though, a seller first needs to know what is trending.

Design-Ideas-for-Small-BathroomsThe slumped economy has created a number of interesting trends throughout nearly every industry, the most interesting of which is this: there is a trend toward buying homes with smaller bathrooms. But, do not yank out that over-sized tub just yet. Though many are opting for small bathrooms, families like to add spa features like hot tubs or steam showers. It is interesting to note that bathrooms are not only getting smaller, the fixtures like sinks and bathtubs are also being sized down to accommodate the tighter space.

If you are planning on doing the remodel yourself, you need to know something. When a new toilet is installed, you have to install a vent pipe with it. If you do not, foul-smelling sewer gases may leak into your home. In fact, all new drainage systems need a new vent. The vent is also necessary for the toilet’s flushing mechanism to work properly. Sometimes, though, a do-it-yourselfer will forgo this step. An Atlanta home inspector can spot this problem easily and tell you that the suction would cause the toilet to release foul odors into the home. Home inspectors have the experience and specialized equipment to check every home system for operational safety.

Whether you are remodeling the bathroom to improve your odds of selling your home or are searching for a home to buy, it is never a bad idea to hire an Atlanta home inspector to take a look at the craftsmanship that directly affects the complete system. Of course, they will not stop at examining your bathroom; they go room to room checking every major system in the house to ensure that your home’s structural systems are safe. They even go down to the basement or crawl space to look at subflooring and pipes. They will also stand on your roof and do a complete visual inspection of the shingles and flashing to make sure you will not have major repairs necessary before you purchase the property.

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