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Professional Help When Buying a Home

Thinking of selling your home but feeling a little overwhelmed? You can spare yourself a lot of stress simply by assembling a team of professionals before you begin. A real estate agent should be your first contact. They are great because they can help you choose a listing price, find buyers, and provide references for other professionals as they are needed. That being said, real estate agents cannot do everything to ensure your potential property is structurally sound as your investment. They cannot check water and air quality, examine the foundation, nor estimate how much longer the roof will last. To do this, a necessary professional you should have by your side is your certified Atlanta home inspector.

Atlanta home inspectors know all too well the typical problems an Atlanta home may be facing.  They understand that a rodent infestation or a serious case of mold could undermine the safety of the homeowner, threatening psychological and physical harm to unsuspecting victims. They treat their customers as if they were their family. Buying a home can be a stressful experience, especially when combined with relocation to a new area.  Atlanta home inspectors make your entire home buying experience easier by giving you objective inspections of the condition of your potential home purchase.

Like a real estate agent and an Atlanta home inspector, there are some other professionals with whom you should consult when purchasing a home:

Buying a Home? Check list of "must have" itemsProperty Attorney
In addition to a real estate agent and a qualified home inspector, you might also want to consider hiring a real estate attorney, particularly if you’re a first-time homebuyer.  An experienced attorney can examine the contract, do searches to ensure there are no leans against the property, and help give you additional peace of mind when buying that dream home. They do come at a price, though.

Rodent infestations are a common problem in the Atlanta area, particularly in homes that have been vacant for lengthy periods of time. A professional exterminator can detect and eliminate infestations of rodents, silverfish, and insects. If bedbugs are a concern, you’ll have to search more diligently since many exterminators do not have the specialized experience to detect and eliminate these bothersome parasites.

Though not typically a necessity, it is never a bad idea to have the number of a trustworthy contractor for emergencies or to estimate the costs of renovations. If you plan to make changes to the existing structure of the home, be sure to consult with an architect before allowing the contractor to proceed.

An Atlanta home inspection is never something you should skip on when buying a home. Certified, professional home inspectors who know the Atlanta area are knowledgeable about what to look for to ensure you are getting a home you can be safe and secure within.

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