Certifications Tell You Who You Can Trust

How Certifications Help You Choose The Right Inspectors

ASHI GA logoThe American Society of Home Inspectors was founded in 1976. It is one of the oldest and most respected societies of professional home inspectors and is well-known for raising consumer awareness about the home inspection process. When a real estate agent or homeowner sees the ASHI seal of approval, they know they are doing business with a true professional. Still, the internet is constantly bombarded with articles suggesting that professional certification isn’t important, that it doesn’t reveal anything about the quality of the home inspector. The question you have to ask yourself is: would you trust a physician that wasn’t “board certified” or purchase meat that didn’t have the USDA seal of approval? Certification exists for a reason. Without it, consumers wouldn’t know who to trust.

ICC logoGaining ASHI certification as a professional home inspector is far from a walk in the park but the benefits are crystal clear. ASHI certified home inspectors have a strong connection to consumers, access to powerful continuing education courses at discounted rates, and representation in legislative arenas.  When an Atlanta home inspector is ASHI certified, they are the cream of the crop. They’ll search the property from top to bottom for existing and potential problems – and actually have the knowledge and experience to detect what others would have missed. Ultimately, ASHI certified home inspectors know the value of a quality home inspection.

A lot of home inspectors boast ASHI certified inspectors. What they don’t tell their customers, though, is that not everyone on the team holds the certification. If you’re not careful who you choose, you may receive an inadequate inspection from an uncertified inspector. Champia is a little different. Every single Champia home inspector is ASHI certified. In fact, most Champia inspectors are certified in several different specialties. Regardless of your specific needs, you can count on Champia.

Amazingly, a lot of first-time homebuyers actually consider foregoing the home inspection! As anyone with experience buying or selling homes knows, a professional home inspection can save you a lot of money. An ASHI certified inspector will do a walk-through of your house, checking every major system along the way. A cursory inspection of your new home simply isn’t good enough. Remember, a minor issue such as a leaky pipe could easily become a major problem if not corrected immediately. It goes without saying that a good inspector can spot this problem and recommend a repair.

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