Continuing Education Classes For Realtors

Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education Classes For Realtors At Champia.comThere’s a saying in the real estate market that a real estate agent is only as good as his education and experience. It’s interesting that an experienced real estate agent needs continuing education to keep up with the latest trends in the housing market, maintain fresh knowledge of the anatomy of a house, understanding which problems are significant and which can be easily repaired, and understanding repair and remediation options and their costs. Like other industries, up-to-date knowledge is just as important as decades of experience. A great real estate agent should have both.

While a real estate agent cannot perform a home inspection, they should be aware of the most common problems that plague houses in their geographical area. They should be able to spot potentially deal-breaking problems and have enough knowledge to be able to advise buyers or sellers on the potential costs for common repairs. In sum, a real estate agent should have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal, knowledge that is regularly supplemented with continuing education courses. In addition to being the very best home inspection company in the Atlanta area, Champia is also accredited through the Georgia Real Estate Commission to provide continuing education classes.

These classes offer more than a means for real estate agents to keep their license. They benefit the realtor by infusing industry specific knowledge that can mean greater understanding of properties and potential buyers, which, in turn, could mean a greater sales volume and an excellent reputation. For potential buyers, it can mean finally finding that perfect house. A house that is solid in construction, attractive in architecture, and reasonable in price. Plus, because real estate agents will know more about common problems in their local housing market, they’ll be in a better position to choose a qualified home inspector.

As important as a real estate agent is in the process of buying or selling a home, an Atlanta home inspector should never be overlooked. Because they perform the most thorough inspections possible, they are guaranteed to find every potential problem, including those that went unnoticed by others. While a leaky valve stem would typically only need a wrench to repair, the water damage that could result if it went unnoticed to add up to thousands. In fact, over time, a small, easily repaired leak could compromise the structure of a home, costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

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