High Costs For Home Sales

High Costs For Home Sales

Champia Atlanta Home InspectionWhile cathedral ceilings and open floor plans were once huge selling points, the high cost of heating is scaring new home buyers away from larger, open homes. That does not mean that space isn’t important, though. In today’s market, outdoor living areas and good insulation in the home are the two biggest concerns on any home buyer’s mind. If your home isn’t selling, consider focusing on the spacious backyard or the new thermal windows to edge out the competition. Show potential customers that they won’t necessarily be facing high energy costs if they decide to buy. Presentation of your key features is everything. But, before putting your home on the market, find out if everything is in working order by hiring our Atlanta home inspectors.

An inspector will go through your home evaluating every major system to give you a good idea of what shape your home is in. If they spot any problems, they will let you know. If you make repairs before you list your home, you can set a higher asking price. When you are selling your home, a two thousand dollar repair made prior to putting your home on the market can increase the value of your home by five thousand dollars or more. If you simply cannot afford to make the repairs, you will have a better idea of what you can ask for when you put on the house on the open market.

When you are looking for a home inspector, keep in mind that each one will have a different background. It is best to find one that has experience and a reputation for doing a thorough inspection.  It is very important, too, that you find someone who is certified as a professional inspector. A certified home inspector can save you thousands of dollars, not to mention a lot of worry, when you begin a real estate transaction. They will check all major structural systems, including the foundation, the siding, the drainage, the electrical, the plumbing, and the venting systems. They will even go onto the roof of the house, decks and porches to check for shingle, chimney and gutter leakage or damage. They are very good at spotting problems before they turn into costly repairs.

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