Seeing Beyond The BeDazzle

Looking Beyond The Attractive Features of A Home

While members of the boomer generation range in age from 47 to 65, there are a few qualities that they all look for in a home. First on the list: simplicity. For older boomers, a ranch style home may be preferred, since it offers a lower risk of fall-related injuries. As baby boomers begin to age, they are likely to want a home close to public services such as EMS and hospitals. And, as years come with experience, they are also more likely to hire a home inspector before purchasing a home, to do research into the local economy, and to make a decision based on the viability of getting their money back in a sale. Unlike the experience that comes with boomer shoppers, younger house shoppers tend to focus their attention on  architectural details and geographic location when deciding to purchase a home.

why a home inspection is so importantThere’s a danger in choosing a home for its stylistic charm or the size of the walk-in closets. When there are a lot of attractive features, buyers of any age might neglect to consider the health of the foundation, electrical, or  roofing system.  Though boomers tend to look more for a home that may yield a high profit a few years down the road, many home buyers are easily blinded by the glitter of large master bedrooms, roomy master bathrooms, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. They get caught up in the excitement and never even consider that the home may bring with it more headaches than zeros on a check.

That’s why a home inspection is so important. While your focus might be drawn to the color of the paint on the walls or the recently installed Jacuzzi in the backyard, your Atlanta home inspector is crawling under the home to look for leaks or climbing onto the roof to look for signs of damage.  Atlanta home inspectors focus on the health of the structure of the building.

Of course, an Atlanta home inspector does more than just bring peace of mind. They offer a 24 hour turn around report on residential properties and give you details on any major issues that are discovered with the integrity of the home systems. With the knowledge you receive from a home inspection report, you’re able to decide more objectively whether you want to invest your money into a particular property. Furthermore, if there are repairs needed, you can use the inspector’s report as an unbiased basis for negotiation on the selling price or down payment assistance. Regardless of how you choose to use the information provided by your home inspector, you will have the surety that your home is structurally safe.

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