Unique Living Arrangement For Recession Survival

Recession Survival for Your Family

Many adults are actually turning to their boomer parents for a safe place to survive the recession and, while these parents often oblige, such a drastic change in lifestyle requires a drastic change in the home’s layout. Rooms are added, kitchens made larger. The changes they make, while always making the home more comfortable and affordable to live in, rarely fetch a solid return on investment if the boomers decided to sell. That leads to an even bigger trend. Boomers are buying homes that they can live in for the rest of their lives while younger generations focus on a place to hang their hat until they get established. Whether a boomer buys a home to live in or is simply making an investment, a home inspection with Atlanta home inspectors is always the first step.

Unique Living Arrangement For Recession Survival

Of course, the trend toward living with family doesn’t only manifest as a child moving back in with mom and dad; siblings are moving in together to cash in on lower rents, young men and women are choosing to share an apartment to reduce living expenses, and those without a family are choosing one room apartments in favor of lavish living quarters. On average, Americans are reconnecting with their frugal sides and doing their best to pay off debts and build up their savings accounts, vowing never again to live outside their means.

In times of hardships, friends and coworkers are making agreements to live together so they can afford larger homes without the larger mortgage payments. But, long-time friendships can turn sour and resentful with a few unexpected, major repair bills that were unforeseen because no home inspection was conducted on the property. As a result, ugly legal battles over which party is responsible for which repairs can become the reason for dissolved friendships. In fact, experts recommend that friends, as well as family, seek the advice of a qualified attorney to create a legally binding contract for all unconventional housing arrangements. However, many “surprise” elements of owning a home can be avoided by evoking the use of a professional, certified home inspector. A home inspection is the unbiased and knowledgeable review of the integrity of your home prior to purchasing the property. The home inspector works on your behalf to ensure that you know about any major repairs needed and will detect any defects in the home. In case where unconventional methods are used to survive the recession, the need for an Atlanta home inspection is even more crucial.

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