Wise Words Of Wisdom From Atlanta Home Inspectors

Good Reasons to Call a Home Inspector in Atlanta

Many people get an Atlanta home inspection when they are buying or selling their home. They want to be sure that there are no major problems and no costly repairs to make. You don’t have to wait until you are going to buy or sell a home to get an inspection of your home. Whether you simply want to know the condition of your home or are concerned because of a recent earthquake, finding an experienced, professional inspector to give your home a thorough examination is never a bad idea. You’ll know a good inspector by the way they do an inspection and the certification they hold.

Rotten wood is, perhaps, the most common issue that homeowners face, especially here in Georgia. Kitchens and bathrooms are the usual victims because of the frequent exposure to water on the floor. Unfortunately, it can be tough to spot a rotten sub-floor until it’s too weak to support your weight. Then, when you are least expecting it, your foot will break through a weak spot and the costly repair process will begin. By getting an Atlanta home inspection, you’ll learn about every problem before it grows out of control. Our inspectors will go to your basement or crawlspace and can examine the sub-flooring for early signs of water damage.

In fact, for a residential home inspection, our certified home inspectors will go through every part of your house, inside and out, and put their findings in a detailed report. If you don’t understand something in the report, be sure to ask them. If they do find a problem with your home, ask them if it will likely be a costly repair. Also, listen to the inspector as they examine your home. They often outline maintenance procedures for keeping your home in top condition.

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