Types of GA Commercial Inspections by Champia

Champia commercial inspections are tailored to each individual client

Commercial Inspection Of Property

When buying a small building or an office within a larger building, you need an inspection that focuses only on issues that are relevant to the purchase. Our inspection and report are focused on issues that are unique to the property and include a complete survey of property conditions. This is ideal for a client comfortable in performing his or her own cost analysis for repairing or replacing defective items. Remember, a defective roof alone could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Commercial Property Inspection – Exterior Only

This commercial inspection delivers a quick analysis on a limited budget. It is also useful when tenants are not to be disturbed. The commercial inspection includes outside walls, property, roof, and all exterior components of electrical, heating, and air conditioning. Note: None of the property’s systems will be operated.

Commercial Inspection For Phase I Environmental Assessment

Phase I Environmental Assessment can either be a stand-alone service or it may be combined with a standard commercial inspection. It is a review of the property, not the building. A Phase I Environmental Assessment will help to provide defense for an Atlanta commercial property buyer if any hazardous waste products are discovered after the transaction. Our Phase I Environmental Assessment in Atlanta consists of:

  • Arial photo review
  • Property walk around
  • Determination of property’s original use and history
  • Review of the EDR (Environmental Data Resources) database for buried tanks in the area
  • Review of internal documents for hazardous waste disposal

Commercial Inspection of Fire Safety and Sprinkler

This commercial inspection includes the following:

  • Contacting local fire officials to determine the class of the building
  • Contracting with a fire sprinkler company to provide a full inspection
  • Certification of the system
  • Contracting with a fire alarm company to fully inspect and test the fire alarm systems

Municipal Code Inspection

A municipal code inspection is a commercial inspection that involves contacting the local government building department to review permits and any outstanding code violations against the building.

A Champia commercial inspector will be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. For more information on a commercial inspection, call (770) 953-0767.

The Commercial Inspection Process

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