Common Issues Atlanta Home Inspectors Find

Atlanta home inspectors tend to see the same types of problems day in and day out during the course of their duties.  These problems can range from cheap “quick fixes” to catastrophic problems that may cost $50,000 or more to address.  Make sure that the Atlanta home you had your heart set on has been inspected for these problems so that you can enjoy your new home without having to pay more than you bargained for.

  1. Ragged Roofing

Roofs bear much of the brunt of the elements, and many of their materials are designed to have a limited lifespan.  These two qualities together mean that roofs tend to show the worst problems when an Atlanta home inspector arrives.

Torn shingles, warped flashing, bad decking, rusty nails, loose gutters and countless other roof-related shortcomings can almost inevitably be seen in homes that have not had a re-roofing project in the past five to ten years.  Fixing issues like torn shingles can be relatively cheap, but when roof leaks contribute to water damage and larger problems, the costs can quickly add up.

  1. Worrying Wiring

Home wiring issues abound, even in modern homes.  Some circuits have been overloaded or rigged in curious ways that can make shorts and even fires a likely scenario.  Other homes use outdated practices when it comes to their receptacles and failsafe measures.

Getting your new house up to code can be inexpensive, but whole-house rewiring can cost thousands.  Luckily, an electrician can usually address isolated problem spots with the help of an inspection report to limit the costs of repairs.

  1. Pungent Plumbing

Clogs, worn seals, inefficient routing and similar issues can both add to your potential Atlanta home’s utility costs and present consistent problems like backups.  A home inspector will not be able to look inside the walls to see every pipe, but they can examine behaviors around faucets and water heaters to determine when a home’s plumbing may be in need of some attention so that foul-smelling floods will not become a common sight.

  1. Torn Building Envelopes

An Atlanta home will ideally have a seal around it to prevent conditioned air from escaping or unwanted moisture from coming in.  This seal is known as a “building envelope.” Atlanta home inspectors often see leaks around exterior doors and windows that can collectively contribute to expensive utility costs and an ineffective building envelope.  Poor insulation, especially in the attic, can contribute to this problem.

  1. Bad Site Drainage

While all of these other issues above may not cost much to address in the grand scheme of things, this problem will.  Bad site drainage often means that the back of the house is sloped slightly downward, causing moisture to collect in crawlspaces, basements, in between walls and flooring.  Worse, the entire foundation may settle more in the back, causing structural weaknesses and problems like windows not being properly aligned.

Fixing a grading issue might just involve some minor landscaping or the installation of extra drainage pipes.  However, lots that have severe settling problems can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix the foundations and grading that caused them.

Wondering if such problems exist with an Atlanta home you had your eye on can be a great reason to call a home inspector and request their services.  The home inspector could just be preventing you from making a mistake that will hurt your checkbook for years to come.  Visit our residential home inspection services page to help you decide whether your perfect house is hiding something not-so-perfect within.

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