David Used Stones

By Lisa Ausman

As a young shepherd in ancient times, David protected his flock from lions and bears with a sling and a stone. So when he confronted Goliath, a large, lumbering figure in the Elah Valley, he used his “slinging” skills to his advantage to stop the giant warrior and save his people. His size may have initially appeared to be a disadvantage to the crowd of onlooking warriors who viewed Goliath’s 6’ 9’ inch frame from a distance because everyone presumed the two would fight a hand to hand battle.

But that’s where everyone including Goliath made a fatal error in judgment. David used his strengths to overcome his giant weakness.

According to Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book, David and Goliath, David’s stone may have been equal to a modern day “bullet” and bigstock-David-And-Goliath-2154159it was far superior to Goliath’s bare hands.

What is your stone?

There are homes to sell and there are buyers everywhere in today’s marketplace. Is your client in the middle of preparing their home to sell? Should they test their home for radon now? Perhaps they have noticed a new leak in the basement ceiling. Are these future deal killers? Perhaps they don’t know where to start.

This is where you can help them begin the process. All of our inspectors at Champia Real Estate Inspections are ASHI certified. We also have several inspectors who are ICC certified. We can help our customers in the pre inspection stages of their home selling before issues arise. Just call us for a pre inspection before you or your client put their home on the market. Let’s overcome the challenges and then respond with the expert knowledge of our inspectors so you can stay informed and help your client prepare for potential remediation.

David winning the battle to defeat Goliath may have appeared to be an improbable victory. However, with the right, expert advice of our inspectors at Champia Real Estate Inspections, we can be your stone in this battle to sell your home.

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