Do You Ignore the Early Warning Signs?


By Lisa Ausman

Human HeartDo you sometimes ignore warning signs your body gives you, like a hurting tooth, or sore back? Have you ever let something go to the point you needed surgery or medication? Let’s face it, we all have at some point in our lives. Whether we were too busy or just hoped the discomfort would go away, neglect only made the situation worse.

How much more often would you say you neglect your house’s health? Is your list of home projects being completed or is it sitting on the back burner waiting for “free time?” Maybe you’re holding off on repairing your 12-year old water heater… the result could end in a flooded house.

The other alternative is you didn’t know something was wrong and didn’t see the warning signs for failure. Either way, a certified inspector from Champia Real Estate Inspections can help. A certified home inspector can be the difference between a small repair, or a long-term extensive repair that reaches deep into your pocket.

At Champia we undergo extensive training to ensure we provide you the best service possible. Each inspector is certified through ICC and ASHI. With these certifications you can be sure your prospective home will be inspected in a thorough and effective way. Whether your house is decades old or a new construction, residential or commercial, Champia has you covered. Many of our trained inspectors also hold degrees in civil engineering, mechanical design engineering, and biometrical engineering with alma maters from respectable schools like West Point, Georgia tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Washington University, and Georgia State.

We invite you to browse our website and meet our general practitioners:

When you are ready to ask the question, then you are ready to call us and hear the answer.

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