Enormous Loads on Deck Posts Require Better Anchors

Deck post on slab seen during Champia home inspectionTip of the Day by Champia Real Estate Inspections Home Inspector

A deck post like what is shown in the accompanying photos concentrates enormous loads. Simply placing a post on a patio slab is not a good idea, said Andrew Binosa, an Atlanta inspector for Champia Real Estate Inspections.

Deck with posts on slab seen in home inspectionThe ASHI associate inspector said the post should be resting on a pier that’s got a spread footing and is separated from the patio. In addition, Binosa said the contractor who did this does not deserve to have a license to do work.  Using that tiny L-bracket to attach a deck post to concrete is like using a piece of thread to hold a cruise ship to a pier.

ABU66Z-Simpson TieContractors have many options and in this case the builder should have at the least used a Simpson tie ABU66Z to anchor the posts. An example of such an anchor tie is shown in the third photo.


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