What to Expect from Your Home Inspection

ChampiaHaving an Atlanta home inspector visit your home can be a stressful experience, particularly if you are unprepared. If you are selling your home before you enter into a listing agreement with your realtor, you should already have made any necessary repairs to your home and made sure that your home is ready to be sold. Today’s real estate market is very competitive, and potential buyers expect more and pay close attention to any concerns that may arise during the transaction.


Most often, there is a clause in the real estate contract that gives the buyer an opportunity to require a home inspection. This should be done by a neutral Atlanta home inspector who is certified and experienced. It is very important to both the buyer and seller that the inspector has developed a stellar reputation in their field of expertise.


The Atlanta home inspection process includes evaluation of the property inside and out. The inspector will look for damage, poor workmanship and signs of pest infestation, and list any repairs or equipment replacements that are needed. The report is extensive and will include items that need repairs or replacement, or present a potential danger.


To prepare for a visit from an Atlanta home inspector, make sure that all areas are accessible and that keys are available for every door and window. Clear any areas of debris that may block access. Change any light bulbs that have burned out. This way the inspector will not be concerned that the reason the light is not operational is due to an electrical malfunction. Your home should be clean and tidy inside and out. Your yard should be well-maintained and gutters cleaned. Make sure your air filters have been changed and that any drains are clear and functional. The inspector will look at every nook and cranny of your home inspecting all the appliances, the HVAC system, roof, plumbing, electrical work and more. They will note such items as loose or worn carpeting and tile, decking and fencing that is need of repair, poor or improperly installed insulation. They will also look for signs of mold and mildew and test radon levels. The inspector will spend quite a bit of time inspecting the property to be sure that he/she can give the homeowner a detailed and accurate report of the condition of the property.


Champia’s professionals offer a detailed inspection to our clients backed by our exceptional reputation. We serve Atlanta and the surrounding area and promise to provide your inspection report within 24 hours of the visit.


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