Inspectors, Continuing Education Cut Sales Problems

Atlanta home inspection saves you headaches when buying a home.

Champia Real Estate Inspections employs ASHI certified professionals.

I made several mistakes when I bought my current home back in 2006. Other than paying too much for the property, my biggest blunder was not making sure a qualified home inspector gave me a full report before I sent an offer to the seller.

Now I have some minor issues that if they aren’t fixed will lead to major problems. Fortunately, what could have been the worst problem was solved by the condo owners’ association when the board approved putting a new roof on my building. An old leak in the linen closet is no more, thank goodness.

But I still have a broken washing machine outlet that should have been replaced when the leaky water pipe was repaired. And just pushing up the duct tape used to cover the hole for a wire in the HVAC closet’s ceiling wasn’t a fix. If the duct tape wouldn’t stick to the “popcorn” ceiling, then pushing it back up just wasn’t smart.

Had a qualified home inspector checked out my home, I probably would have learned that the wired smoke detector first installed in 1985 apparently was approaching the end of its working days, too.

A home inspection such as those performed by the ASHI certified staff at Champia Real Estate Inspections will include evaluation of the property inside and out. The inspector will look for damage, poor workmanship and signs of pest infestation, and list any repairs or equipment replacements that are needed. The report is extensive and will include items that need repairs or replacement, or present a potential danger.
Real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others involved in the buying and selling of real estate can stay far ahead of the curve by participating in Continuing Education classes offered at Champia’s offices. Our latest course on Wednesday, Aug. 6 will be “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” and provides 3 (three) CE credits for participants.
In over 16 years, Champia inspectors have seen them all. This fun course focuses on the common problems and issues that occur in the Atlanta housing market.

How to identify concerns when showing a house

  • Be able to understand problems when presented
  • Understanding what is significant and what can be easily remedied
  • Survey and evaluation of repair and remediation options
  • How to write an inspection addendum that will protect you and your client

Rick Farber, Headmaster at Champia Real Estate Inspections presents, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Please call Lisa at 470-375-2204 to reserve your seat.

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