Real Estate Sales Depend Upon Successful Home Inspections

ASHI Virtual Home Inspection TourMembers of American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) must pass the National Home Inspector Examination before they can become certified. They must complete the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Education study module also, a standard that Champia Real Estate Inspections supports and follows.

An ASHI Certified Inspector has submitted proof of performance of at least 250 fee-paid home inspections that meet or exceed the organization’s standards. An ASHI Inspector has submitted at least 75 home inspections.

It’s not enough to just do the job. ASHI inspectors also must earn at least 20 continuing education units per year to retain their certification.

That should be comforting to the home buyer or seller when the outcome of a home sale depends on the results of an inspection.

However, before the ASHI inspector sets foot in your home, what can you expect? Champia has posted a rundown of what an inspector checks.

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