Proof of our Approach

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“You made the inspection process a lot less scary for me when buying my first home. Thank you for your patience and the education you provided me! I look forward to closing tomorrow and I might still take you up on the offer to ask a question or two! You can certainly look forward to referrals from me.”
—V. Vasil

“You were great and I am very happy with the inspection. The house is looking good and I expect to be fully moved in pretty soon. If you ever need a reference for any potential clients please feel free to give them my name and contact information.”

“They were awesome. He got there a half-hour before I was supposed to get there and had already gone through the house.  Pretty much all I had to do was do the walk-through with him, where he showed me what the issues were. He even waited around until we could get the key for him to get into [the] attic and a few other places.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“I want to thank you for the extremely extensive home inspection. I learned a lot about the house during the inspection and instruction time. We would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone buying a new home.”

“They were wonderful. They came very highly recommended from a bunch of people I knew who had used them. I also had to have a second inspection to have my loan approved, and they even complimented [Champia’s] work. I definitely had a good experience with them. The second opinion said they did it right.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“We would like to thank you for the inspection you did for us on Saturday. It was very informative and we felt we couldn’t have chosen a better inspector. Thank you for getting the revised report over to us so quickly. We will be going over it today and amending our contract based on some of your feedback. In the future I will definitely recommend you and pass on your information if I hear anyone needing a home inspector.”

“It was great—excellent, excellent. They did the home inspection, and I had a question, and the inspector came back and looked at it again and didn’t charge me. He was really helpful, and he did things for me that saved me a lot of money.  I would rate them “excellent,” and I would use them again. I would recommend them to all my friends.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“Excellent. They were very thorough. When I had questions and needed them to come back to make sure that the furnace and the hot water tank worked, they made two trips out here, which was nice of them.  This would be a company I would refer others to use.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“Thanks very much for the thorough inspection, especially on such short notice! Your report will be very useful and the photos were great. I almost feel like I was there!”

“They did a perfect job, and it was a very comprehensive survey. Their service is excellent in all regards. The technician was knowledgeable. He was requested specifically by our real estate [agent] and mortgage banker. He came out promptly, did the survey, and it was a very comprehensive report. He also followed up on a couple of things that he identified that needed to be fixed. Minor sorts of things, but he came back and did a follow-up, so it was a very good experience. This would be a company I would tell others to use.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“You did a great job for my client. I really appreciate your hard work.”
—Candice (Real Estate Agent)

“I thought they did a great job. They were very prompt and efficient and did a good job explaining things to me. They answered all my questions, and I thought they were great.  They were reliable, and they showed up early for appointments.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“Thanks again for doing such a good job on the inspection. The air filters are done and work on the electrical and yard has started. In fact, some of the electrical is being finished as we speak. Thank you so much and I’ll let my friends know about Champia.”
—Matt B.

“They’ve done work for me more than once, and I cannot say enough good things about them.  They’re fabulous. They’re incredibly competent and take their time. I like that they explain things to me. They were thorough and super both times.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“He was great. That was the second time I’ve used them. They’ve got a good track record with me.  He spent all the time with me that I needed, and he was not in a rush at all. He gave me good counsel. He’s absolutely fantastic.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“I’ve used Champia three or four times. They are, as far as I’m concerned, the only company in Atlanta that I’d like to do business with. They spend two to three hours and go through the house with a pretty fine-tooth comb. I’ve never had an issue with their thoroughness.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“They did real well. The person was quite confident and very thorough. I was pleased with them. The biggest thing that impressed me was the thoroughness. You should go ahead and schedule a little bit of time because they’re going to go over everything they can manage. [They came] recommended by my real estate agent.”
Source: Home Reports Customer Survey

“Thanks so much Mike—we really are enjoying our home and love the Canton area. We definitely will refer you if we have the opportunity.”