The Game of RISK


Risk Board Game


By Lisa Ausman

Does anyone remember playing Parker Brothers’ game of RISK as a child? You know. It’s the game of “global domination,” one territory at a time, using strategy and a set of dice. The more successful you are at acquiring troops, the more territories you can conquer and potentially win the game.

There aren’t a lot of rules to remember in RISK, so you have more of an opportunity to focus on your strategy in order to beat your opponent.

But what if you are in the process of buying and selling a home, would you leave your favorite strategic moves on the game board, or is there a better way to outmaneuver and win your territory? Do you have all of your troops in place? What is your strategy?

Perhaps this is where Champia Real Estate Inspections can help you. Is your home ready to sell? How do you know? One of our certified, ASHI inspectors can begin with a “walk thru” inspection. Our inspector would  informally inspect your home and identify areas of concern that perhaps may need remediation. Have you recently checked your home for radon, mold or termites prior to listing it? If any of these three environmental issues are present, would they be potential deal killers for a potential buyer?

Champia Real Estate Inspections is a commercial and residential real estate inspection company that has been serving the metro Atlanta area since 1987. Since then we have inspected over 20,000 homes and businesses. Champia Real Estate Inspections is a member of ASHI National as well as ASHI Georgia. Our additional services include air quality and mold testing, termite letter, water certification and radon testing.

Let our experts at Champia Real Estate Inspections respond by reducing your potential risks so you can win the home-buying and home-selling game! Simply call our schedulers who are standing by: 770-953-0767.




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