Spring Time Calls For New Color

Tips For Adding Color To A Room

If you’re getting in the mood for spring decorating, consider these tips for adding a new color to your favorite room:

Don’t Skip The Painter’s Tape
Do you have the skills to get straight lines around the woodwork, windowsills and door frames? Probably not! So, grab the painter’s tape and get the nice, clean edges you want.

Don’t Paint When Humidity Is High
When the air is full of moisture, water-based paint takes longer to dry. Rather wait for a dry day.

Don’t Underestimate How Much Paint You Will Need
The pros say you need one gallon for every 400 square feet. Plan ahead and you will avoid running back and forth to the store with a paint swatch in your hand.

Must Do: Remove Furniture From Room
Getting paint off your furniture is a lot of work. If you can’t move it out of the room, at least make sure it’s completely covered with a drop cloth.

Must Do: Remove Wall Plates
Want professional-looking results? Take five minutes to remove the wall plates and tape around your light switches and electrical outlets.

Must Do: Cover Your Doorknobs
Unless you like the look of splattered paint, we recommend that you slip plastic bags over your doorknobs and tape the edge to avoid unsightly paint splatter.

As with all DIY projects, a home inspector will verify that the project has been done according to building codes and regulations. So, remember to choose a home inspection from a certified home inspector when you’re planning to buy a new home. It could save you thousands of dollars in future home repairs.

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