The Value Of A Top Rated Atlanta Commercial Inspection

The Value Of A Commercial Inspector

Champia Real Estate Inspections is ASHI Certified for commercial inspectionsIn spite of the economic challenges that the recession has brought to so many business owners, strong companies have prospered in recent years. Some companies are growing, expanding at a rate far greater than even the most optimistic economists have projected. Real estate plays a key role in a company’s ability to expand during this recession. Property values have sunk to all-time lows, giving businesses of all sizes the freedom to choose pieces of real estate that would have been far from their budgets in the past. Unfortunately, the lowered property values and the struggling economy have also made it difficult for current owners to maintain their properties.

Commercial Inspection By Champia Real Estate InspectionsIf you’re paying a lower price for a new factory or office building, there’s likely a good reason. Unreasonably high property taxes, high local utility prices, and a lack of a strong local chamber of commerce can all have an impact on a commercial property’s value. A company that manufactures and dyes swimsuits simply won’t be able to keep operating costs low if the price of metered water at the new location is excessively high. Likewise, a company is more likely to move to an area with a strong chamber of commerce because a strong chamber of commerce can offer low-interest loans that a local business could never get at a bank.

Of course, the condition that the property is in can play an even greater role. Large office complexes, factories, and warehouses have been largely abandoned in recent years, making commercial inspection vital to maintaining a good return on investment. A good commercial inspection company can deliver a full cost analysis, including cost projections and an estimated timeline for repairs and replacement. With this information, a company can better understand what the true cost of a property is and puts the company in a better position to negotiate a lower price.

A full commercial inspection should include a property condition assessment and environmental phase I inspection. For companies on a budget, some inspectors offer light commercial inspections for small commercial properties and exterior-only when a company merely needs to have an overview of the property to proceed. Regardless of the budget, commercial inspections pay for themselves by keeping a buyer informed and identifying potential problems that could throw a wrench in expansion plans. Plus, many commercial inspection services are available 24/7, which means a company can get the information they need, when they need it.

Champia began with only one inspector in 1987. It was a time when home inspection was still a relatively new field in Atlanta, GA. By the mid-1990’s, the company was able to establish itself as a leader in commercial inspections, focusing primarily on properties valued at $20,000,000 or less. Today, Champia prides itself on its long list of satisfied commercial inspection and residential customers and plays an active role in providing continuing education in home and commercial inspection through its school, Champia University. The commercial inspection team at Champia has a combined 115+ years of experience and continually provides top inspection services to local and regional businesses.

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