Top Six Home Inspection Issues in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city with a unique character all its own, which includes our climate and historical real estate development trends. Both these factors lend no small amount of charm to living in Atlanta, but they can also lead to a host of home issues common to the area.

If you are concerned about the condition of a home in Atlanta — especially one you are buying or selling — you will likely need an Atlanta home inspector to look out for these six recurring issues:

Water Damage

Georgia receives an average of 50.7 inches of rain a year, making us the seventh wettest state overall. This moisture can completely destroy the integrity of a home if left unchecked. When siding meets grade, when yards do not have proper drainage and when exterior components are not looked after, water gets into places it should not and wreaks havoc.

Ignoring water intrusion or sustained water damage can lead to all sorts of nasty surprises when inspecting load bearing elements of a frame. Mold and roof damage are also consequences. Atlantans face moisture most months out of the year, meaning they need diligent maintenance and Atlanta property inspection to avoid common water problems such as these.

Electrical and Wiring Issues

Evolving building codes combined with corner-cutting or overly ambitious do-it-yourselfers can lead to wiring situations that are more harrowing to a home inspector than any recent horror movie. Exposed wiring, open junction boxes, frayed wiring insulation and poorly configured receptacles can all invite the chances of shorts or cause critical Ground Fault Interrupter functions to fail.

In newer homes or homes recently renovated, such issues can usually be fixed in isolation relatively quickly. However, some of Atlanta’s more beautiful historic homes may also have issues with out-of-date or fraying wiring that can require a costlier wholesale replacement.

Problematic Plumbing

Every house has issues with plumbing at some point or another; the only question is how long it takes someone to notice. Blockage, leaks or issues with the main service line do not always give telltale symptoms, leading to worsened plumbing performance overall along with the potential for internal water damage. Every Atlanta real estate inspection will thoroughly check out a home’s plumbing to see if any of these problems have occurred.

Roof Damage

Whether the home in question has a historic copper roof or brand-new asphalt shingles, ongoing roofing maintenance is absolutely needed or else problems with flashing, decking or leaks can result. Few roofs are in a perfect state of repair, particularly if they have shingles more than a few years old.

Pest Damage

The same issues with moisture and humidity can leave us with a lot of bugs and beasts here in Atlanta. Fortunately, Georgia does not have as many issues with termites as wetter Southern states like Florida, but even less worrisome critters can cause issues if allowed to infest for too long.

Poor HVAC Maintenance

Comfortably living in Atlanta absolutely requires an operating air conditioner unit. Some homeowners or property managers fail to keep up with HVAC maintenance tasks like cleaning evaporator coils, and others hang on to legacy systems with embarrassingly low efficiency ratings. You will want to ensure that your AC can work at its peak before deciding to buy or sell in order to obtain the most value from the home.

Get an Atlanta Home Inspection and Find These Issues Before They Become Major Problems!

Champia’s certified Atlanta home inspectors can thoroughly inspect a home for these issues and more. Book an Atlanta home inspection appointment with us today!


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