Truth or Consequences

What if you had the opportunity to know the truth about the home you’re about to buy? You would take that chance instead of settling in and finding out later on about a major catastrophe that was easily avoidable. This is a consequence you can alleviate with an invaluable home inspection.

An experienced home inspector is so valuable because of their ability to shine light on a property. They can ensure a seller of the value of their home, or protect a buyer from unfortunate disaster.

Champia Real Estate Inspections is happy to provide the most thorough and knowledgeable inspection reports within a 24-hour period. Our experienced and certified inspectors ensure you receive the highest-quality inspection possible. Champia can also assist in specialty inspections like termite letters, radon testing, mold/air quality testing and water certifications.

Radon levels are elevated in the Atlanta area. Our specialists can determine your home’s radon levels and answer any questions you might have on the subject. Did you know radon is the leading cause of lung cancer outside of smoking? If you haven’t had your home radon tested recently, maybe it’s time.

Here is a perfect example of how Champia can help:

You are hosting a family event this summer. Friends and family will be enjoying each other, and the weather, on your beautiful deck. But, are you positive of your deck’s stability? What if deterioration over the years has reduced the strength of your deck to sub-par? Vince Tidwell, one of our own ASHI certified home inspectors, says, “It’s important to inspect the structure of your deck every 15 years.”

Let us answer your questions and give you the absolute truth, giving you peace of mind.

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