Warning! Not Getting a Professional Home Inspection Can Be Costly

Home after a HurricaneSkipping a home inspection as one of the last steps of a home purchase can be the most expensive decision someone makes in their entire life.  Homes cost many times the average person’s yearly salary, after all.  Adding on unanticipated expenses on top of the home’s cost could easily bankrupt someone or leave them strapped for cash when it comes time to pay their mortgage.

Read on to learn more about the potential costs of not getting an Atlanta home inspection before purchasing a piece of residential real estate.

Foundation Problems

A home with a poor foundation or a foundation built on unsolid ground will see chronic problems for the rest of its lifespan unless the foundational issues are corrected.  Cabinets that will not close, mysterious cracks appearing in ceilings and walls and buckling floorboards are just some of the symptoms of an uneven foundation.

Do not expect foundation repairs to be cheap, either.  These projects require thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars.  Crews must invade your home for weeks on end, drilling into the existing foundation, excavating and pouring new concrete all in order to prevent your home from eventually collapsing.

Water Leaks and Water Damage

A water leak can be caused by something as simple as a dripping air conditioner or a loose nail in your roof’s decking.  These tiny sources of water follow the path of gravity through your home and only make their presence known after travelling a great distance.  It may take weeks or even years for you to notice that the odd stain in the hallway is growing and actually represents a leak somewhere high up on your roof.

In the meantime, the water has caused attic trusses to rot, mold to grow in your walls’ insulation and an electrical short that has blown countless fuses in your circuit breaker.  These aftereffects are why just a few drops a day can wreak havoc on your home and accumulate an expensive list of repairs.

Termites and Other Pests

Infestations are no laughing matter, especially when it comes to termites.  These industrious little monsters eat your home from the inside out and take months of consistent treatment to get rid of.  Termite damage can become one of the most expensive issues to plague a property for this reason.

Other infestations like rats, roaches, bed bugs or something stranger like squirrels and bats can bring with them disease, disgusting waste and inevitable emotional distress.  Identify these infestations early with a home inspections so they can either be dealt with before you move in or give you an excuse to back out of a purchase.

Resale Value

Even if you happen to never notice a problem with your home while you live in it, the next person might.  Many home sellers end up never recouping their investment despite market growth because the home they bought had a crucial flaw that was later revealed when they tried to sell.

Faulty Components and Liability

Looking more generally at home issues, the home you purchase could end up costing you thousands in a short period from repairs.  You may not have been aware that the beautiful deck you wanted was collapsing, or that the roof over-performed several years ago left the decking in incredibly bad shape.

Problems like these not only mean costly repairs, but component failures could incur liability from injuries to visitors or damage to neighbors’ properties.  Ensure that your problems do not grow exponentially from all of these other issues by requesting an Atlanta residential home inspection before you commit to buy.  One simple inspection cost could save you hundreds of thousands down the road.

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