Where Does Your Sidewalk End

Where Does Your Sidewalk End?

By Lisa Ausman

Are you in the zone? You know, it’s that special place when you’re busy working where you don’t hear anyone around you? You are so focused on the task at hand and you’ve blocked everything else out including your spouse and children.

I wonder how we learned to focus so completely that we are utterly unaware of the chaos that surrounds us? Perhaps it goes back to the days of walking to school as a child. Do you remember when you plodded uphill through the snow for two miles in bitter, freezing cold while wearing heavy boots to protect your frozen feet? Do you remember hearing your parents’ firm and reassuring voices say, “Have a nice day at school. Go ahead. Walking will build character. You will get there.” So, one step at a time we would climb through the snow drifts inch by inch, and bit by bit. Sometimes we would try to make a game of it in order to make the torture not seem tedious. We would just focus on the prize in the distance, a warm and cozy classroom, which always seemed to be just around the corner. We learned to cope and to adjust. We learned to persevere. We learned tenacity. It’s truly about never giving up. It’s about having a Plan B. It’s drive. Ambition. Focus.

What if we pushed the fast forward button to today’s date? We’re all grown up now and there aren’t any snow drifts, but we’re still battling an uphill climb. And this time, the prize has changed. We have entered The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Social Madness Challenge. Each one of your votes will bring us one step closer to giving the $10,000 prize to The Rotary Foundation. We can help the foundation eradicate polio, provide basic education, promote peace and conflict resolution, reduce child mortality and fight hunger.


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