Atlanta Commercial Inspection Reveals Decay on Roof

Decayed sheathing shown on flat roof of commercial buildingWhat Can An Atlanta Commercial Inspection Tell Us?

Along with any inspection comes a roof analysis. For residential properties a new roof could cost thousands. A commercial roof repair or replacement, however, could be detrimental to the life of a business financially. This alone explains the importance of having a certified inspector evaluate your commercial property.

The roof of this commercial building should alarm any potential buyer. Champia’s own Vince Tidwell, an ASHI certified inspector, found this roof during a routine inspection. His commercial building inspection report noted the deteriorating roof and described in detail the extent of the problem.
Exterior inspections of commercial properties not only include the roof, but they also involve an evaluation of the exterior walls, property surrounding the building, all exterior electrical work, and the heat/air conditioning units.

During a roof inspection the roof is checked for any deterioration and repairs needed to work properly. All penetrations are looked over to ensure proper seal from any leakages. The type of roof is also recorded.

Another detail looked for during a roof inspection is what is known as “ponding.” Ponding is where water collects in large puddles in low areas of the roof instead of draining correctly. Ponding can be the result of poor installation or lack of roof maintenance. Maintenance is necessary for roofing to protect against wear and tear from the elements and other intrusions.
To make sure the roof on a home or commercial property you are considering is up to code and in good condition, schedule or request an inspection with Vince or one of our other ASHI certified inspectors at Champia Real Estate Inspections.

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