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The relationship with an inspector is one-to-one. Experience is essential, but so are less tangible qualities such as trust, rapport—and the desire to do what is necessary to ensure that a customer has the support they need to make an informed decision. Review the qualifications of our team, but more importantly, meet the people who will support you on all of your commercial investments.

We Hold The Highest Industry Certifications

Our inspectors are certified with the highest industry standard certifications, including American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), International Code Council (ICC) and National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).

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Dr. Michael Molley | Certified Environmental Auditor, Environmental Professional and Fisheries Scientist

Dr. Michael Molley

Certified Environmental Auditor, Environmental Professional and Fisheries Scientist

Years of Experience: 35+

Dr. Molley is an expert in natural resources, wetland, regulatory compliance and environmental assessments. He has conducted hundreds of Phase I (due diligence) and Phase II (soil/groundwater) investigations at both residential and commercial and industrial properties. Dr. Molley specializes in Phase I/II assessments at industrial sites. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in biology, zoology and environmental management. Dr. Molley is currently a visiting Professor at DeVry University.

Josef Niehuser | ASHI Inspector

Joe Niehuser

ICC Certified Inspector

Years of Experience: 7+ Joe is a certified inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). He also trained with Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI) members. Joe is a residential ICC code certified inspector and prior to the real estate inspection business, Joe spent many years in the construction industry as a certified mason and general contractor. Joe is originally from Germany but has lived in the United States since 1985.

Vince Tidwell | ASHI Certified Inspector, Mechanical Engineer

Vince Tidwell

ICC Certified Inspector & Mechanical Engineer

Years of Experience: 6+

Vince is active in both the commercial and residential sides of our business. Vince is an associate inspector with the ASHI, and has ICC certification. Vince has personally designed and built 4 homes, and has 6 years’ experience. Vince is currently completing his P.E. (Professional Engineering) certification, and will soon be qualified to provide a stamp of approval on the structural integrity of both commercial and residential property. A graduate of Georgia Tech with a BME, Vince worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for McDonnell Douglas before joining Champia.

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Why trust Champia? Because we stand behind our work with the Champia promise:

Champia delivers detailed, comprehensive reports quickly so you can make an informed decision about any home or commercial building. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we will make it right—even if that requires refunding your money.

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