What to Expect from a Champia Commercial Inspection

Understand Your Champia Inspection

What can you expect from Champia? Expect a quick response to your inquiry, whether by phone or by requesting an inspection online.

Our commercial inspectors work directly with the client from proposal development to final delivery of the completed inspection. Depending on the level of complexity, our inspectors may draw from a team of experts to perform specialized inspections, ranging from structural engineers to elevator specialists. Review the dedicated expertise of our senior inspectors for yourself.

Expect a thorough process that finds what others miss. Champia will provide a complete inventory and assessment of the property condition including a full cost analysis with maximum/minimum cost projections and an estimated timeline for repairs and replacement. You will also receive a concise, printed summary report outlining all major issues discovered. The inspector will discuss the Summary Report with you and your agent and answer any questions.

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Our Process

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In the process of a commercial inspection, Champia conducts an in-depth review of the desired building. These inspection include specifics such as cost to cure and five year aging according to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines, or we can focus on the following:

  • Site – We perform a walk-through of the property and record the condition of entire site. This includes such things as drainage, lighting, retaining walls, any signage, and parking lots including the availability of handicap parking.
  • Structure – We conduct examinations of the foundation and any accessible areas below grade, including framing and other supports. All is checked for damage and possible deterioration.
  • Exterior – The exterior of the property is examined for any wear and deterioration as well. Exterior doors and loading docks (if applicable) are used in full function and noted if in proper working order. Limitations to the entrances/exits are also recorded. If docks are on site we evaluate cladding, bumpers, and any other parts related to their functionality.
  • Roof – A roof inspection includes detail such as whether the roof is pitched or flat, material the roof consists of, and of course condition. All roof penetrations are checked over and evaluated. Any found ponding, needed repairs, deteriorations or defects are recorded.
  • Plumbing – All plumbing, from supply to drainage is inspected. This includes water heaters, guttering, and kitchens if applicable.
  • Electrical – Electrical systems are thoroughly inspected. From the transformer to throughout the building, nothing is unturned. All wiring, interior and exterior is examined and recorded.
  • Heat/Air Conditioning – All units are operated to their full functionality. This includes cooling towers, central heating plants, and forced air units in warehouses.
  • Interior – All interior spaces are thoroughly walked-through, heated or unheated. Floors, doors, and wall conditions are all inspected and noted. If there are elevators on the premises, they are evaluated as well.
  • Insulation and Ventilation – Wherever the possibility lies, insulation and ventilation is inspected, including assessing the R factor of the insulation. Kitchen ventilators are operated and all ventilation penetrations in the roofing are checked out.

The best way to really know the property you’re considering is to be an active participant in the inspection process. We strongly encourage you to be present during the Champia inspection.

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Why trust Champia? Because we stand behind our work with the Champia promise:

Champia delivers detailed, comprehensive reports quickly so you can make an informed decision about any home or commercial building. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we will make it right—even if that requires refunding your money.

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