Having an Atlanta home inspector come to evaluate a home you intend on buying is the only way to make a sound investment.  Without a certified home inspector’s expertise, what seemed like a great deal could actually be a huge money pit.

Never make the mistake of going into an Atlanta home purchase blind because of this potential danger.  Go past the surface appearances and look deeply to confirm whether your Atlanta home is actually a dream home and not just a nightmare in disguise.

Uncover Hazards

Faulty wiring, weak floors, leaky HVAC systems — these are just some of the potential problems with a property that could cause your family great harm.  Outdated wiring without an arc fault circuit interrupter could easily cause your entire home to turn into a pile of ash in a matter of a few hours.  Weak floor joists could see heavy equipment like a washer suddenly crashing into the floor below.  These occurrences are rare, but they are very real.

Avoid these types of dangers by having an Atlanta home inspector examine the home from top to bottom for hazards that could cause harm to your family and incur liability from visitors.

Scrutinize the Home Price

Many homeowners set prices comparable to other residential properties in their neighborhood while failing to consider that their home may not actually be worth that full amount.  Issues like outdated wiring, improper ventilation and inadequate insulation all make a home less valuable than one kept up to modern standards.

Ensure that by buying that gorgeous American Craftsmen you had your eyes on, you are getting what you expected.  Some home buyers purchase a property and think they are done spending cash, only to find out that the home needs thousands more dollars in renovations to be comfortable.

A home inspection can uncover factors like this that could convince you to haggle down the seller’s asking price or to walk away from the sale entirely.

Estimate Upkeep

Another factor in buying a home is how expensive it will be to maintain that home over the years.  An Atlanta residential home inspection can determine the remaining lifespan of certain elements.  You may discover that those stunning plaster ceilings are not going to be so fun to replace in 15 years, or that the finished basement is going to require repeated waterproofing to avoid leaks.

Items like these may not seem like dealbreakers, but they can help you anticipate your budget for home maintenance and prepare for future problems as opposed to being caught by surprise.

As you can see from all these home inspection benefits, the question is less, “Are home inspections worth the expense?” but rather, “Can I afford not to get a home inspection?” Our years’ worth of satisfied customers can attest that even though home inspections seem to add to the price of a home, they actually saved them money by helping them anticipate expenses and walk away from properties that cost more than their sticker price indicated.

Consider using Champia’s residential home inspections before closing on your home to get the peace of mind and sound advice that only a professional, certified Atlanta home inspector can provide.

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