Atlanta Property Inspectors Test for Hidden Issues

Inspectors at Champia Real Estate Inspections can use thermographic imaging cameras to help find hidden problems in your home or business. Is your building missing insulation? Are there leaks or other moisture in your ceiling or walls? Do you have faulty breakers in your electrical system that are dangerous?

Many of these kinds of problems can be detected through the use of thermographic imaging. Champia inspectors use these infrared cameras to help find problems before they become expensive disasters that jeopardize the sale of a home or commercial building.

Infrared image of air loss around door.

Infrared thermography cameras can spot issues with inadequate insulation, air loss and even potential water leaks.

Thermography measures surface temperatures by using infrared video and still cameras. These tools see light that is in the heat spectrum, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Digital images record the temperature variations of the building’s skin, ranging from yellow/orange for warm regions to dark purple for cooler areas. The resulting images help the inspector determine where there are issues that need to be addressed.

Because wet insulation radiates heat different than dry insulation, thermographic scans can often detect leaks.

Champia Inspector Joe Niehuser, who is a certified thermographic inspector said practical applications include detecting missing insulation, hidden moisture and leak detection, locating sources of air loss and intrusion, and faulty breakers. He teaches a Continuing Education course at Champia’s offices for agents and inspectors on the use of infrared technology in home inspections.

Joe has edited a list of problems that can’t be seen by the naked eye – but can with thermographic imaging – to those that should be checked that was posted by Mike Holmes of the TV show, “Holmes Makes It Right”:

  • plumbing leaks
  • air duct leaks
  • moisture intrusion
  • inadequate or non-existent insulation
  • heating and cooling losses
  • abnormal heat from an appliance or breaker
  • poor insulation





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Why trust Champia? Because we stand behind our work with the Champia promise:

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