Your Home Inspection during Construction in Atlanta

Champia Inspectors Evaluate Multiple Stages of Construction

While you are in the midst of planning and scheduling the new construction of your home in Atlanta, don’t forget to include an inspection from Champia’s certified and experienced inspectors. You may not think a new build needs to be inspected after completion much less during the construction phase, this is quite the contrary!

During new construction is the optimum time to perform a qualified inspection. Everything at this time is easily fixable and nothing is covered, ensuring the most in-depth evaluation possible. Without things like sheetrock enclosing the bones of your home. A thorough inspection can be performed on items such as electrical and plumbing work.

While most contractors generally stay within the required codes and regulations, mistakes and compromises can be made. These mistakes could cause you much more grief long-term when repairs are needed. They can also drastically reduce the value of your home when and if you decide to sell.

With an ASHI Certified Inspector on your side, you know you are getting a great, unbiased assessment of your home. Our certified inspectors have experience with every aspect of home inspections, including in-progress constructions. Once we perform our evaluation of the home, we will decipher and note everything necessary to keep your home in tip-top shape. And once you receive our inspection report, within 24 hours of the inspection, you will have a great punch list for your contractor making sure nothing is overlooked and no steps are skipped.

There are multiple stages during your construction to have an inspection! Here are the phases of construction that Champia Real Estate Inspections will be looking to assess:

  1. Foundation framework before concrete placement
  2. Installation of support posts, beams and floor joists
  3. Installation of all framing, electrical wiring, HVAC duct work and the building’s sanitary pipe drainage and potable water supply systems
  4. Exterior siding(s) and roof coverings
  5. Final walk-through inspection, checking all visually accessible systems and components such as:
    • HVAC
    • Electrical and plumbing
    • Safety protocols such as smoke detectors, stairs, handrails and guard railings
    • Compliance with emergency-egress requirements
    • Proper installation of safety/tempered glazing within hazardous areas

Discover the Champia difference for yourself.

Champia Real Estate Inspections, LLC, Home Inspection Service, Peachtree Corners, GA

Why trust Champia? Because we stand behind our work with the Champia promise:

Champia delivers detailed, comprehensive reports quickly so you can make an informed decision about any home or commercial building. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we will make it right—even if that requires refunding your money.

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