About Us

Champia Real Estate Inspections was founded in 1987 in Atlanta, and since then we have completed over 50,000 inspections. As a team of certified home inspectors, we perform thorough inspections and deliver the reports for residential inspections within 24-hours and commercial inspections within 4 days.

Professionals at Work to Protect You & Your Investments
We are Champia

Professionals at Work to Protect You & Your Investments

During a Champia home inspection, your involvement is very important. We love it when you take part in the inspection. This way you get to know more about home inspection and learn home maintenance tips. We’ll gladly answer your questions about home inspection and home maintenance. We’ll also point out any major defects.

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Why Choose Us?

Champia works diligently to uncover all the defects and issues in your home and commercial buildings. We have the experience, certifications, and guarantees to ensure it all.

We’re experienced!

We’ve seen it all, we’ve dealt with it all. We know what we’re doing. Unlike other real estate inspection companies, we involve our clients in every step of the inspection.

We’re certified!

Champia’s inspectors are certified by ASHI, ICC & NRPP. They take utmost care to follow the standards set by ASHI. Moreover, Champia’s owner, Bill Compton has served many years on the ASHI Board.

We’re Affordable

We offer competitive pricing for our real estate inspection services. Our pricing starts less than $300 and increases based on variables such as size and age of property.
Professionals at Work to Protect You & Your Investments
We are Champia

We Make it Convenient

Champia works in accordance with your schedule. We understand that due diligence periods can be short. Our inspectors are available for home & commercial inspections 7-days-a-week. Moreover, we make you learn about home inspection and how it can be significant for you. Being a part of the community, we know the unique issues of homes and buildings in the Atlanta area.

Free Services

  • Personal Home Assistant
  • $200 in Porch Handyman Service Coupons

Bill Compton

 Bill is a Certified Inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Prior to the Real Estate Inspection business, Bill was a Certified General Contractor and served as President of a luxury home construction and renovation company. Bill is an active member of Rotary International, where he has served as both President and Assistant Governor. Bill is a veteran of the United States Navy and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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History of Champia Inspections

Champia started as a single-inspector company in 1987. The Atlanta home inspection industry was new at this time, and many existing homes were not getting inspected. As a result, Champia established Atlanta home inspection procedures for houses and created relationships with real estate agents throughout the Atlanta area. Our Atlanta home inspectors have lived in Atlanta for many years and have unique knowledge and experience in Atlanta home inspections. Beyond examining for the standard structural and operational functions of a home, our Atlanta home inspectors are trained to notice problem areas that involve moisture. Atlanta has a high humidity climate and with constant moisture in the air for most of the year, Atlanta homes are more susceptible to water leakages, moisture damage and mold. Furthermore, our team of Atlanta home inspectors have special training in radon testing and carbon monoxide detection. With such experience, Champia home inspectors are well respected and referred within the real estate industry. By the mid 1990s, Champia started performing commercial inspections and established an inspection procedure for these structures as well. Champia’s business continued to grow through recommendations from real estate agents and referrals from past customers. Early in the formation of the company, Champia became active in the local American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) chapter. Members of Champia have held various positions in ASHI including the national Board of Directors and chapter President. In early 2000, Champia started a school to help serve the real estate market by providing classes relating to home inspections. At this time, new homes were also being inspected and Champia began expanding into this market by having its inspectors get their building code certifications. Now our inspectors, in addition to being ASHI certified, are also building-code certified by the International Code Council (ICC). In these challenging times, Champia continues to be a dynamic company continually seeking to provide these important services to the real estate market.

Warranties & Guarantees!

We offer free warranties along with our Preferred Inspection package on homes. Champia guarantees to evaluate and inspect your home or commercial building with care and professionalism.