10 Reasons to Schedule a Home Inspection Before Selling

Before selling your home, a thorough real estate inspection can pinpoint some problem areas that might affect its listing price. An informed seller should always be familiar with the current condition of the home, as this will lead to huge benefits once the property hits the market.

Here are the 10 biggest reasons you should schedule a home inspection appointment before selling your home:

  1. Interested buyers will hire their own real estate inspector to survey the property before they actually make a purchase. In order to make counter offers, you shouldn’t be blindsided by any maintenance or structural problems that could bring down the price.
  2. A third-party home inspector can identify quick fixes that can boost the value of your property prior to selling. Investing in small repairs around the home is a great way to attract interested buyers.
  3. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, according to the EPA. A home inspector can test for radon levels to ensure that your home are within the acceptable limits.
  4. Termites are a huge concern for buyers in the real estate market. A home inspector can inform a seller if their property might be affected by this problem.
  5. If your property is highly-rated by a home inspector, then this is a huge selling point to prospective buyers. If you inform interested parties that your home received a top-notch assessment from a certified home inspector, then it is a good indicator that the buyer won’t have to invest thousands in renovations.
  6. You receive a detailed report of your entire home from the ground up, including everything from the foundation to the roof.
  7. You will have peace of mind knowing where you stand when the buyer brings in his own inspector.
  8. Real estate inspectors can help you avoid unnecessary and costly repairs. A common example: homeowners spend big money on replacing faulty appliances, when the real problem could be the home’s electrical or plumbing systems.
  9. When a seller obtains a detailed property analysis, it shows that they genuinely care about the home. This simple investment reassures the buyer that the seller has done their due diligence and is committed to wellbeing of the property.
  10. The State of Georgia requires sellers to make accurate disclosures about the condition of the home. If a seller does not fully disclose information about the home, the buyer can accuse the seller of fraud or misrepresentation, possibly landing the issue in court.

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