Homeowner’s Winter Maintenance Checklist in Atlanta

When you think of Georgia, you may not think of it getting very cool, as our summers can be so brutally hot.  However, most of you might remember that we did see snowfall in the Atlanta-area, just last year.  For those who are preparing their homes for the impending, chilly weather in Atlanta, here is a homeowner’s winter maintenance checklist.

Clean Gutters and the Roof

Having your gutters and roof cleaned doesn’t sound like it would be a big deal before the winter weather moves in, but it is actually an important part of your homeowner’s winter maintenance checklist.  With clogged gutters, rain runoff and melted snow won’t properly disperse, which can cause damaging ice dams or icicles.

A roof that is clear of leaves and debris can reveal if there is any damage to your shingles.  This is important because broken or missing shingles can make your roof more susceptible to wood rot if there are heavy rains or snowfalls during the winter months.  Wood rot can cause leaks in your roof, which can lead to mold and structural damage.

Prepare Outdoor Spaces

Aside from covering your grill and putting away gardening tools, there is more you need to do to prepare your outdoor spaces for the winter.  Sweeping your sidewalk and driveway of leaves can prevent your loved ones from slipping and falling.  Trimming back dying limbs and branches on trees can protect your home when strong, winter winds blow through.

Also, be sure to turn off the water source to your hoses and remove them, as well as draining and turning off your sprinkling system.  This can prevent water from freezing in the pipes, which can cause damage.

Improve Insulation

When you improve the insulation in your home, not only are you protecting your family from the cold and keeping little critters out, you can actually save money on your utility bills.  Have a professional inspect your home and address the areas that are not properly insulated.  Seals around doors and windows can be checked too, to see if the weather stripping needs to be replaced.

For inside the home, you can use draft protectors under doorways in order to keep heat from escaping the room.  If there is a room you know you won’t be using during the winter time, try sealing it off by closing the vents in the room and shutting the door.  This way, your heater won’t be unnecessarily heating an unused room, and you can save money on your utility bills.

Hire a Home Inspector

Above all, you should hire a professional home inspector to run a full inspection.  With experience and knowledge, a home inspector will be able to help you ready your home for the winter weather.  If there are any major, potential issues with your home, your inspector will be able to identify them before the cold weather sets in.  Having these problems addressed early on could save your family, and wallet, from harm.

Are you readying your Atlanta home for the winter season? For more information on a homeowner’s winter maintenance checklist, contact us today at Champia. Our professional inspectors will run a full home inspection atlanta to ensure that your family will be safe through the winter.

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