Rapid advancements in technology help make our day-to-day lives easier, and they’re having a significant impact on construction trades as well. Safer builds and fewer long-term home repairs are possible in home construction thanks to newly available technologies.

Homes today are built to exacting standards as prescribed by the International Code Council. One of the most important requirements is for rainwater to drain away from the house foundation to minimize house settling and movement. The minimum slope of the soil next to the house calls for a six-inch drop for the first ten feet away from the foundation.

Champia’s Atlanta home inspectors don’t leave important matters like this to guesswork. We use the most current tools and applications during real estate home inspections to measure the slope and provide clients the documentation they need.

For example, in an application called Theodolite, an augmented reality app that combines a GPS, compass, and a two-axis inclinometer (among other things), the measurements show an angle of 2.8 degrees, which just happens to be exactly the minimum slope required.

Theodolite is an incredible tool that could reduce business costs and make vital measurements a tap away. And technology apps like this are changing the businesses that are utilizing them. There are an increasing number of highly accessible and intelligent tools for assuring homes aren’t hiding anything behind enclosed walls, like high-tech radon testing gear and thermography.

The second leading cause of lung cancer is, quite incredibly, easy to avoid. Odorless, tasteless and invisible, Radon is radioactive and virtually undetectable without the assistance of technology. Radon testing can be done by the homeowner over a period of several months, but commercial radon inspections require only a few days, with more accurate results, using advanced technology.

Some flaws in a home are visible, but not without tearing out a wall. The quality of construction and insulation, water damage, and heating and cooling loss are just a few. Thermal scanning can examine these values with no impact on the house. Atlanta home inspections that reveal “invisible” issues can adjust the value of a home and provide a list of possible repairs a prospective owner may need to make in the future.

Progressive technology is setting a new benchmark in home inspections. At Champia, we’re using these modern tools to make agents smarter and home buyers happier with the assurance that homes are safer and gain longevity.

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