5 Reasons to Get an Inspection on Your Newly Constructed Home

As we FINALLY enter into 2021, everyone is excited to start on the right foot, especially new homeowners! For those who are building their own homes, it can be easy to assume you can skip on the home inspection: it’s a new house, what could be wrong? Nothing in this world is perfect, and there are tons of things that could go wrong before you even move in! Read below to find out why you should get your newly constructed home inspected! Take off the Rose-Colored Glasses
It’s easy to be so overwhelmed with excitement about your new home that you forget to look at the situation with a realistic perspective! Once you get a home inspection and ensure everything about your newly constructed home is safe and up to code, then you can slip on the rose-colored glasses and enjoy the bliss of your new home! Before the celebration though, make sure to play it safe by scheduling a home inspection.
You Have to Spend Money to Save Money!
We love adding twists to homages, and when it comes to inspecting your newly constructed house, you have to spend money (on the inspection) to SAVE money (on future unknown repairs). It is easy to overlook the importance of a home inspection when you are already spending a sizable amount of cash on the construction of your home. HOWEVER, spending under $1000 on a residential inspection in the beginning is much better than spending $80,000 on a new foundation and roof 2 years from now. Spend money on a home inspection to save money on future home repairs!
Negotiation Leverage
When you get a home inspection during the construction process you have more knowledge about the intricacies of the process of building your home, the more knowledge you will have to negotiate pricing. Getting a home inspection is smart fiscal choice as an owner of a newly constructed home.
Knowledge is Power
Newly constructed homes are a lot like art collages; there are a bunch of different pieces and mechanisms coming together to create something beautiful. Knowing everything you possibly can about each part of your new home will not only make you a more educated home owner, but it will help you plan and be prepared for the future. Being proactive about educating yourself on your home can never begin soon enough! Remember, New doesn’t mean perfect!
Options are Nice for Back Pockets
During the construction of your new home, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of ever considering reselling. However, the future is unpredictable and you never know what is ahead of you. Getting a home inspection during the construction process of your home will not only make you more informed, but also will be excellent leverage if you ever decide to sell your home. The reselling process is much easier with a home inspection, so plan for the unfathomable future!
No matter what angle you view it from, a home inspection is never a bad idea, especially for a newly constructed home! Luckily, if you are located in the Atlanta area, Champia Real Estate Inspections has you covered! Champia Real Estate Inspections has been serving the Atlanta area since 1987 with top quality home inspections! We offer tons of ancillary services as well! To learn more or schedule an inspection with Champia Real Estate Inspections today, call 404-760-2879 or click HERE!

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