Looking for Thorough and Affordable Atlanta Home Inspection Services?

Getting a home inspection in Atlanta should be just peachy! Luckily, with Champia Real Estate Inspections, an Atlanta owned and operated home inspection company since 1987, you are guaranteed the best! It’s easy for any company to make this claim, so why should you choose Champia Real Estate Inspections for your next home inspection? Read below to find out exactly why!
Wide Variety of Service
Champia Real Estate Inspections offers a multitude of services including residential inspections, commercial inspections. Additionally, Champia Real Estate Inspections inspectors understand that every home is uniquely different and with our ancillary services such as radon testing, pool and spa inspections, and much more we will make your home inspection feel catered perfectly for you, because it will be!
Champia Real Estate Inspections is Here for You!
Champia Real Estate Inspections offers inspections 7 days a week! We also provide inspection reports within 24 hours of the home inspection! We work closely with realtors to ensure everyone is informed, aware, and engaged in the process. We also are so confident in the quality of our inspections, we offer a 200% guarantee on all inspection services!
We understand the importance of investing in a quality, but affordable, home inspection on a budget! Champia Real Estate Inspections offers different packages at different prices to ensure that every budget can be accommodated!Our pricing starts at less than $300 and increases based on variables such as size and age of property. Peace of mine during the home buying process is priceless, and Champia Real Estate Inspections provides that free of charge with every inspection service!
Warranties and Guarantees!
Confidence is key, and we want you to be confident in your home inspection! We offer free warranties along with our Preferred Inspection package on homes. Champia Real Estate Inspections guarantees to evaluate and inspect your home or commercial building with care and professionalism.
The Champia Real Estate Inspections team has an abundance of love and reverence for the Atlanta area, and with hundreds of happy customers we are happy to provide our hometown with the best inspection possible! To learn more about Champia Real Estate Inspections, or schedule an inspection today, click the link HERE or call 404-760-2879! We can`t wait to help you get home!

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