Home inspections provide absolutes to the promises, expectations and projections often encountered during the home buying or selling process. By requesting the services of a certified Atlanta home inspector, both buyers and sellers can rest assured that they have a complete, 360° understanding of the home’s condition.

This certainty can improve the experience a client has with their buying and selling agent, boosting their opinion of the real estate agent by proxy. That is the true power that Atlanta home inspections have for home buyers and sellers, and it is something that helps both smooth and hasten real estate transactions practically every day.

Atlanta Home Inspections for Real Estate Buyer’s Agents

When someone purchases a home, they want to ensure that what they see and what they were promised is actually what they are getting. Without a home inspection from a certified Atlanta home inspector, no one can speak for certain as to the integrity of the home. The home buyer may think that they are getting a great deal or that their investment will be worth every penny, only to find out months or years down the road that the home was not all it was assumed to be.

Mold, termite damage, foundation problems, drainage issues, leaks, wiring concerns, faulty appliances and more can all quickly add repair expense to homes before the new owner has even spent their first night in the building. These factors all become part of the final cost of the home, making it different than the listed selling price once up-front investments are considered.
Real estate agents that recommend to their clients to procure a certified Atlanta home inspector will prevent such scenarios of being blindsided or experiencing buyer’s remorse, helping ensure that every home buyer feels satisfied with the decision their agent helped them make.

Atlanta Home Inspections for Real Estate Seller’s Agents

Procuring a home inspection is typically the buyer’s responsibility, but home sellers have just as much of an obligation to detect, disclose or ameliorate any issues with their property. Otherwise, the buyer could try to walk out of the deal, ask for a lower price or spread negative word-of-mouth to other potential offer-givers.

Getting a pre-emptive home inspection for a home seller may not be a standard practice, but the investment can mean a more glowing, consistent experience for potential buyers that instills trust. By presenting the findings of the home inspection, the buyer can feel that much more confident going into the final purchase decision — confidence which can potentially translate to a higher closing price. Sellers and their agents both reap the rewards of such enhanced value both for their reputation and their pocketbook.
Real Estate Inspection Knowledge for Continuing Education Credits

In addition to the value-adding act of recommending a home inspector, real estate agents can bring some of their own expertise to the table while obtaining needed CE credits with home inspection Continuing Education classes. Learn more about the home inspection process as well as how to look for and define common, deal-breaking issues while enjoying coffee, snacks and camaraderie.
Interested agents can visit our real estate continuing education credit class portal to see upcoming events and courses for the next several months.

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