Most people think of Atlanta home inspections as a way to identify defects within a property, and while this is certainly true, a home inspection can also reveal other similarly serious problems that can greatly affect the sale or purchase of a property. To communicate the dire importance of getting an Atlanta property inspection, consider these five critical factors it could reveal:

  1. Illegal or Out-of-Code Additions, Structures and Installations

When you own a property for a long time — especially a residential one — chances are that the tax assessor, the insurance adjuster or the county building inspector is not going to be drop by unannounced. However, after the sale or purchase of a home they very well might!

As such, any structures that were built without proper permits or that have specifications way out of code could impact many other areas. The home purchaser may be unable to:

  • Get the insurance they need
  • Use the property as intended
  • Get the anticipated property tax rate
  • Satisfy the area’s zoning requirements or bylaws
  • Go through the sale at all until the problems are fixed!

Most of all, the value of the property will certainly be affected, making an Atlanta home inspection a necessary part of every purchase.

  1. Future and Immediate Maintenance Needs

A home does not have to have roomfuls of mold and a crumbling foundation to be more costly than a home buyer bargained for. Issues like an out-of-date HVAC system, aging siding, weak floorboards or rusted gutters may not cost much in isolation, but when projecting costs over the next, say, five years, all these problems add up fast.

An Atlanta real estate inspection lets the buyer know how much to account for mentally and whether to request an adjustment of closing price accordingly.

  1. Insurance Deal-Breakers

All mortgages require the property to be fully insured before financing, and insurers require certain elements to be satisfied before granting a policy on the home. Sometimes these requirements can be simply having a four-point inspection, and other times it may involve updating systems like the home’s electrical Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

  1. Health Hazards

Carbon monoxide, radon, asbestos, lead, mold and pests can all affect air quality to the point where it could be dangerous to live in a property long-term without mitigation. You will want to know about such issues before you move in — not after!

  1. Major Price-Affecting Factors

That marble countertop you considered a home’s most attractive feature? What if it turned out to be really convincing Corian? On the flip side, what if the unassuming painted wood floor in the foyer turned out to be imported historic Brazilian cherrywood underneath?

Having an Atlanta real estate inspection can let you look beyond the skin-deep level of a home to assess its true value and adjust your negotiation tactics accordingly.

Learn These Critical Factors and Get an Atlanta Home Inspection Today!

All of these factors discussed above can hugely influence the all-told price of the home and the subsequent negotiation approach as a result. Hire an Atlanta home inspector today to get insight into a home that you need to make informed decisions.

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