Champia’s certified Inspectors use specialized cameras for thermography to capture heat patterns which allow them to see what’s behind walls for an in-depth view of the building’s condition. Thermal imaging is used to locate and monitor many hidden conditions such as heating and cooling loss through improperly insulated areas; air movement through an enclosure; moisture presence from plumbing or rainwater issues, termite damage, and even potential electrical problems.

Getting a thermography inspection allows your inspector to diagnose issues before they are potentially expensive disasters that jeopardize your property. The thermal image can supplement our visual inspection, but it does not diagnose the problem. It is up to the inspector to determine the cause of such defects after thermography and to verify the thermal camera’s findings.

While thermography testing is not like the stuff you saw in The Terminator, it still is pretty rad. You can’t see beyond the walls, but you can see what is inside them, thanks to the heat. Keep in mind, to have better results, ensure that your heating systems are on so the heat can be detected. This also helps highlight where there could be potential drafts or leaks!

Heating bills are expensive, and there is nothing more frustrating than spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars a month only to still have a drafty, cold house.

Even if you are purchasing a brand new home, a Thermography inspection would still be a wise decision. There is always human error, so there may be parts of your home that have faulty insulation, or there could be a leak from plumbing installation. Regardless, it is important to check these things now, to ensure you are shoveling piles of money away five years from now.

Do you think you could pass a quiz in science class? I bet if you called Champia and asked about a thermography test, it would feel the same as getting an A, because thermography is a big word, and you know it! Book this ancillary today!

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