Sewer Scope Inspection

Sewer Scope Inspections Atlanta, GA

Sewer lines are an integral component of a home, malfunctioning sewer pipes can result in damages needing expensive repairs. Most homes built in Atlanta before 1972 are installed with cast iron sanitary sewer pipes, which have an original life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. This piping corrodes due to age causing leaks, blockages, backups, and extensive damage to the home. The soil below the home becomes saturated with the contaminated sewer water, creating potentially hazardous conditions. It is not a question of “if ” cast iron pipes will fail, but when. That is one out of many reasons sewer scope inspections are vital to a home’s maintenance. Many other factors affect sewer lines and cause damage that needs immediate attention. Champia offers sewer scope inspections in Atlanta, GA. Our trained technicians with years of on-field practice use high-tech gadgets and cameras to inspect your sewer lines and assess their condition.

What Is Sewer Scope Inspection And What To Expect From Our Sewer Scope Inspections At Champia?


Sewer Scope Inspection

In a sewer pipe inspection, a camera attached to a wire is dropped in the lines to assess the damage. The cameras can detect hairline cracks to root infiltrations. Sewer scope inspections are vital to home maintenance and future safety. Our Inspectors provide reliable sewer scope inspection services in Atlanta using advanced techniques and gadgets. We provide you with unparalleled insight into your sewer system. We diagnose pipe rehabilitation, restoration, or replacement issues and recommend the best possible solution for your sewer problems. Our certified and skilled sewer pipe Inspectors have over thirty years of experience conducting sewer inspections all over Atlanta. 

Our Inspection service comes with a 90-day warranty which covers main sewer or water line failure 90 days after the inspection. This only means one thing, we have you covered and safe when you choose us. Call today and save your investments and unwanted surprises that may cost you an arm and a leg. Our team is dedicated to helping you seven days a week!

Signs Your Home Needs Sewer Scope Inspections 

If you notice these things around your home, it means you need to have your sewer system inspected. It may be time to replace those pipes! 
– Water backing up in sinks or drains 
– Spotting Insects like cockroaches Often, signaling to broken pipes 
– Foul sewer odor coming from your house 
– Leaking pipes 
– Stains on walls or around flooring pointing to leaky pipes

Main Causes Of Sewer Line Damage In Atlanta 

Sewer problems are caused mainly when pipes become clogged or damaged. This can be mainly because: 
Clogging: Grease, hair, bath salts or food particles going down the sink can accumulate or get lodged in the pipes causing water to back up
Tree roots: Tree roots gravitate towards pipes because of moisture and can penetrate them, especially if they are cast-iron pipes causing damage. 
Ground-Settling: A shift in the soil due to digging, excavation, nearby construction or seismic activity can result in pipes bending and breaking. 
Poor Quality Pipes: Inferior quality pipes deteriorate faster and will need to be replaced or fixed sooner.

Champia, Your One Stop Solution For Sewer Problems In Atlanta 

Champia caters to a vast category of inspection services, sewer pipe inspections being one of them. Our sewer inspection team comprises certified and trained sewer scope inspectors, mostly locals familiar with the sewer issues in Atlanta. Our company has been solving sewer pipe problems in the Atlanta area for over 30 years. Our inspectors will document all the damaged areas in your pipes and create a report with visual photographs and videos for your satisfaction. Our services comply with the InterNACHI code of conduct. 

Call us today to schedule your sewer scope inspections and save your home from any present or future damage! 

Warranty Backup 

Champia sewer inspections come with a free 90-day warranty backup, meaning you are always in a win-win situation with us!

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