Thermography Testing

Get Visible & Hidden Issues Identified!

Champia’s certified thermographers use specialized cameras for thermography to capture heat patterns which allow them to see what’s behind walls for an in-depth view of the building’s condition. Thermal imaging is used to locate and monitor many hidden conditions such as heating and cooling loss through improperly insulated areas; air movement through an enclosure; moisture presence from plumbing or rainwater issues, termite damage, and even potential electrical problems.

Getting a thermography inspection allows us to diagnose issues before they are potentially expensive disasters that jeopardize the sale of your property. The thermal image can supplement our visual inspection, but it does not diagnose the problem. It is up to the inspector to determine the cause of such defects after thermography and to verify the thermal camera’s findings.

Thermography Testing

What Gets Detected?

The Thermography Test identifies several issues that go unseen.

Plumbing Leaks

Air Duct Leaks

Inadequate Or Non-Existent Insulation

Heating And Cooling Losses

Abnormal Heat From An Appliance Or Breaker

Poor Insulation

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