Technology And How It Assists The Home Inspection Industry

Technology And How It Assists The Home Inspection Industry Home inspection gadgets are getting increasingly popular, providing a cost-effective, quicker, and safe way to inspect homes. Modern technology has paved the path for multifunctional gadgets and devices in all fields of life. Home inspectors also benefit from these advancements and can be more effective and […]
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Choosing The Best Home Inspector?

Choosing The Best Home Inspector Greg makes a living from flipping homes an Greg makes a living from flipping homes and is selling his next home via online classified ads. He’s never been completely satisfied with the home inspectors he’s hired in the past, so he is on a quest to find the best home […]
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Infrared: Facts and Fiction

Infrared Facts and Fiction It is common in service industries that the market place dictates the kind and price of the products it wants businesses to provide. This fact is no less true in the home inspection industry. For example, many home inspectors offer mold and Radon testing because it is requested by home buyers or real estate agents. […]
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Termite Damage Lurks Behind Home’s Wallpaper for Years

A couple living in a 20-year-old home had an unwelcome surprise two years after they bought it. When they pulled down some wallpaper in the kitchen, they discovered obvious tunneling activity by termites. Pulling down the sheetrock revealed damage to a board above a doorway. When they bought the home, a home inspection and wood-destroying insect report […]
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