Continuing Education Classes

Real Estate Agent Continuing Education Classes

Build Your Knowledge and Gain CE Credits

Champia Real Estate Inspections is an approved school through the Georgia Real Estate Commission that provides continuing education (CE) classes for real estate agents throughout the Atlanta area.


Continuing Education Credit Courses For Real Estate Agents

“Anatomy of a House”

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

A fast paced home inspection training course ideal for new agents or those who need a quick refresher.

  • Identifying the major parts and systems of a house
  • Understanding how each part works
  • Understanding how various parts are interrelated
  • Identifying common problems and how they can be solved

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

In over 16 years, we’ve seen them all. This fun home inspection training course focuses on the common problems and issues that occur in the Atlanta housing market.

  • How to identify concerns when showing a house
  • Be able to understand problems when presented
  • Understanding what is significant and what can be easily remedied
  • Survey and evaluation of repair and remediation options
  • How to write an inspection addendum that will protect you and your client

“Deal Killers”

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

Factors such as mold, polybutylene, and LP siding can stop a deal cold, but are they really that bad? What options are available? Learn to separate the truths from the myths.

  • How to identify common issues
  • How to address your client’s concerns
  • Understanding repair and remediation options and their costs
  • Writing an inspection addendum that will protect you and your client

New Construction: What Should You Expect

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

A new house doesn’t necessarily mean a good house. Learn how to identify lemons before it’s too late.

  • An overview of the home-building industry and practices in Atlanta
  • What do cities and counties really enforce and what do they miss
  • How to evaluate a new home under construction
  • Best practices for protecting your client and yourself

What to Expect from Your Home Inspection

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

An introductory course outlining what is included in a home inspection

  • Overview of what inspectors look for in each phase of a home inspections
  • Detailed review of what is included in a home inspection report

Townhouses, Condos, and Blueprints

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

Townhouses and condos have unique issues that need to be inspected differently than a single family home. Observe how a townhouse and condo is built through drawings and photos and understand the differences. The segment at the end will also teach the basics of blueprint reading.

  • Differences between townhouses and condos
  • How are the units fire-protected
  • What noise protection devises are installed
  • How to read blueprints

Commercial Building Construction

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

Introduction to types of Commercial Buildings, Property Condition Assessments and an Intro to Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

  • Types of Commercial Buildings
  • Methods of Construction and Systems
  • Common problematic issues and failures
  • Reasons for acquiring a PCA and types of PCA’s
  • Overview of Phase 1 ESA’s

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Course qualification: 3 CE credits

Introduction to performing an Environmental Site Assessment. All areas are covered that are required to meet Federal guidelines including:

  • Property assessment
  • Analyzing adjacent properties
  • Historic overview
  • Report writing

Making Any House Safer

An overview of safety related issues that are uncovered during a home inspection

  • Fire Safety
  • Electrical Issues
  • Egress
  • Deck Issues

Lunch and Learn Sessions

(non-credit, short seminars) Informal half-hour to hour presentations. Catch up with the latest and a great opportunity to “ask the expert”

Radon – Truth and Myth

You can’t see it, touch it, or smell it, but it’s everywhere in Atlanta. Clients are starting to talk about it. Get a head start on a potential issue:

  • What is radon?
  • What are its implications?
  • Is it important?
  • What to do to if your clients are concerned?

New Home Construction and Building Codes

Keep up with the latest from the field. Get your questions answered.

  • What are building codes and how are they enforced.
  • How to work with builders during and after construction.

Home Inspection 101

Learn what a home inspection covers and how to deal with common issues.

  • How to read inspection reports and put things in perspective
  • What to look for in an inspector

“Keeping it Cool” – the new Energy Code

Catch up with the latest changes in the energy code.

  • How the energy code impacts new construction. What are the benefits?
  • Making sure your builder is meeting the requirements

“The Real Killers” – Moisture and Insects

It’s not a question of if, it’s when.

  • How do moisture and insects affect houses.
  • Simple things to keep these threats under control.

Quick 15 min Courses

15 minute presentations designed for busy agents. Great for staff meetings. Keep your agents up-to-date

Stone Finishes

  • This increasingly popular exterior finish may have problems if not properly installed.
  • How to identify & what to watch out for.

Tankless Water Heaters

  • “Hot” technology. What are the upsides and downsides?
  • No hype. Be prepared to answer your client’s questions.


  • It’s everywhere. It’s becoming a concern.
  • How to deal with it.

Moisture Intrusion

  • It affects every house. Quick tips for identifying damage and how to get it under control.

“Things that Go Bump in the Night” – Rodents and Pests

  • How to address concerns with those pesky creatures.

“Keeping it Cool” – Energy Code

  • It’s the law, but it is not enforced.
  • Learn what is required and protect your clients.

New Home Inspections

  • It’s different for new home construction. Just the facts, ma’am.