Pool & Spa Inspection

Pool & Spa Inspection to Keep your Pool Clean

Your pool and spa require proper maintenance and regular inspection for you to enjoy it for years. Champia’s pool & spa inspection is responsible for your pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. We use a comprehensive checklist to inspect your pool and spa to ensure all parts are in proper condition and function. We also make sure that nothing in your pool or spa hinders your family’s safety. Due to the complex nature of an in-ground pool’s structure and its specialized mechanics, having a professional inspector perform the inspection is essential.

Pool & Spa Inspection

Our Pool Inspector will Inspect & Evaluate:

  • Structural leaks or leaks in plumbing
  • Analysis of pump & filter
  • Analysis of the chemical feed system
  • Lighting and related electrical systems
  • Proper electrical bonding
  • Analysis of all accessory equipment
  • Analysis of pool and spa interior surface

Champia understands that the most important aspect of the pool & spa inspection is safety. To ensure that, we not only visually inspect the pool & spa, but we review the availability and lack of any and all safety devices.

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