Professional Home Inspection Services in Suwanee

Home inspection Services–Suwanee, GA

At Champia Home Inspection, we offer a full range of home inspection services to help you make an intelligent buying decision.

We promise to offer quality services that you can trust.

We are committed to providing our clients with a reliable and quality home inspection service in Suwanee, GA. We have decades of experience in the industry and have the necessary equipment and resources to get the job done right.

Champia Home Inspection provides a wide range of home inspection services for buyers and sellers, including water, radon, termite, mold, etc. Our Home inspection company is licensed and insured to provide you with peace of mind!

Buyers – Have peace of mind when making your purchase!

Don’t buy it unless it’s inspected! Our team will provide the information you need on the condition of your prospective property. We’ll also point out any necessary repairs to be made or replaced before you sign on the dotted line. So be safe, secure, and confident in your purchase decision with our professional home inspection services!

Sellers – Get the most out of a deal!

It’s essential to make sure you hire a professional inspector to uncover all the details and ensure you’re asking for the best price for your home. Many sellers undervalue their properties and sell them at a loss. If you don’t want to lose money, get the best home inspection in Suwanee and get the most out of your home’s sale.

You Schedule An Inspection, and We'll find the hidden issues.

Comprehensive inspections for buyers and sellers

We’ll inspect your prospective property before you purchase it or sell it—so you know you’re getting accurate information about its condition. Available for all property types, Champia Home Inspection provides professional services for buyers and sellers at affordable rates.

Quick, thorough inspections that cover everything

Figure out what repairs are needed before buying or selling with one of our quick, thorough inspections – which cover everything from plumbing to plastering and more! In addition, our inspectors are knowledgeable in all the latest technologies to help provide reliable data.

Unbeatable prices

We’re confident about our competitive prices as compared to the market. Our rates are fully transparent and are based on the time we spend at your property. Our Inspections come as low as $300 and increase based on your requirements and the number of inspections performed.

We've got you covered.

With over 35 years of experience, our company has professional inspectors with the necessary certifications and licenses to offer inspections for all types of residential and commercial properties. With our wide variety of services, we can help with all your inspection needs.

Finding the right home inspector is tough. You have to research, compare, and follow up with a lot of people. Wouldn’t it be easier to just make a call and have an inspector over the next day?

Your success is our success. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their experience with us. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our services and ensure that we are ahead of the curve. So you can always count on us!

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