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Champia Home Inspection is a trusted home inspection company in Duluth, Georgia. Started in 1987 and based in Duluth, we provide professional, affordable property inspections and residential and commercial inspections to our clients.
We are a trusted company because we have an unbeatable combination of quality work, affordable pricing, and professionalism. We are a licensed Georgia Home Inspection Company with 35 years of experience. We offer the highest customer service and quality work at an affordable price.

Certified Home Inspectors Duluth

Our inspectors are thoroughly trained and certified professionals who offer more than just an inspection. They will be able to help you understand the property’s history, provide a report on findings and answer your queries about your home or property.

Local business

We are based out of the metro Atlanta area, which means we are close to where you live. We offer services for residential and commercial customers in the metro Atlanta area, including Duluth, GA.

We offer a wide range of quality property inspection services that are not only affordable but also highly qualified for your needs — from a quick property inspection to a full-fledged project. Our inspection staff members train to perform property inspections per GA standards. They are also certified in roofing, construction, plumbing and electrical, mold, radon, and other specialized inspections. So if your property needs inspection, call today and have a property assessment to get a Quote.

Searching for a home inspector in Duluth, GA? Let us help you with a thorough home inspection.

At Champia Home Inspection, our Duluth home inspectors have the necessary certifications and experience to provide you with an inspection that meets all required standards and regulations. We also use state-of-the-art technology to offer unprecedented speed and efficiency. For peace of mind, warranties back our inspections. In addition to standard inspections, we provide the following services and more: 

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Champia Home Inspection is the top home inspection service in Duluth, GA, and we’re happy to help you with your next inspection. Just give us a call at 404-383-5907.